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GG-ID is excited to annouce the release of a highly requested product, Stainless Steel ID.  


24mm ID - Perfect for bridles. Best accomodates 1 - 2 lines of information i.e. name and number. May accomodate three lines with reduced font size. Can be etched on both sides to allow for more information. 


30mm ID - Perfect for breastplates, halters and covers. Accomodates 2 - 3 lines of information i.e. horse name, rider name and number. Can be etched on both sides to allow for more information.


Our Stainless Steel ID is laser etched and not laser engraved. When etching stainless steel, a marking paste is applied and the heat from the laser drives the marking material into the metal’s surface. Laser etching should therefore last as long as the material being etched. 


As this is a new product testing is on-going. We have proven 5 months with no wear and this will continue to be updated. Stress testing has demonstrated our etching on Stainless Steel to be long lasting. 


If you select our double-sided backing option please indicate which information you would like etched on the "front" and "back" of the ID tag. Our default setting is horse name on the front with owner name and contact number on the back. 

Stainless Steel ID

  • The GG-ID range is perfect for use at home or in the yard at shows. Personalise your ID through a selection of colours, shapes and backing. Tags can easily be cleaned by wiping them over with a damp cloth. 

  • If you receive your tag and the details are incorrect, please get in contact with us. If the mistake was made on our behalf, we will happily replace or refund your ID. If the information you provided was incorrect, the ID will be replaced at your expense. To avoid mistakes in engraving please ensure all details i.e. spelling and contact numbers are correct.

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